The Association of Scottish Genealogists & Researchers in Archives (ASGRA) was founded in 1981 under the patronage of the Lord Lyon King of Arms.

ASGRA members are highly-qualified, and have many years' experience in carrying out research in Scottish archives, and assisting clients worldwide to discover their Scottish ancestry.

Many members have individual expertise in particular regions, time periods or types of research, and several are published authors in the field of genealogy, social and local history.

Members are required to prove their competence in using a wide variety of sources, and to adhere to a strict Code of Practice.

Clients hiring an ASGRA member can be assured of receiving a professional, thorough and reliable service.



Dr Joseph J Morrow, Lord Lyon King of Arms



Janet M Bishop, FSGRA, AGRA, FSA Scot


Janet Bishop
Alan J L MacLeod


Shirley Obrzud (Hon Secretary)
Alex Wood (Hon Treasurer)
Ian F Marson (Immediate Past Chairman)
Lorna Kinnaird

Assessment Panel

Janet Bishop (Chairman)
Val Wilson

External Assessment Moderator

Geoff Hare, BA, PhD, Officier des Palmes académiques

Systems & Procedures Advisor

Catherine Hare, BA, CertEd, Diplôme Supérieur du Français des Affaires